Married at 16,

Divorced at 25,

No degree, no money, but 2 little souls and a tone of responsibilities to bear.

Yet, not once did she complain.

A work ethic like no other – built up 4 companies from scratch (including developing a mobile application – myfinda & publishing the myfinda connects magazine), whilst simultaneously doing a full time job; slept 4 hours every night; taught us the meaning of passion, dedication and hard work.

Sacrificed everything for her children, just to see their dreams come true. Spent pretty much her whole life waiting to see this happen.

Today is the day that half of her hard work has come to fruition (with my brother having a year left to graduate). Today is not a celebration because I finished law school with a First Class Honours, today is a celebration because my mother, my superwoman, single handedly made this happen! My gratitude for you really knows no bounds.

Yes this an extremely personal message and why am I sharing it? Because my mother is living proof that degrees or grades will never define you or what you’re capable of. It’s who you are as a person. But the truth is that as much as they won’t define you, they can make life a bit easier. So for all those who have the resources and are contemplating further education – study. You may be able to achieve what she did at 40 when you are 30.