Before I go on to share my thoughts on this message I just want to give a huge shout out to everyone who applied for the scholarships. If it didn’t work out, its important to remember we all go through phases in our lives where we want something so bad but for some reason things don’t go as we would like them to. But by no means does it mean we aren’t capable. I feel it’s always a blessing in disguise, and set-backs help us grow because we strive to become better versions of ourselves. Trust me when I say I go through different kinds of failures all the time, but I really do believe a failure is not someone who falls, but someone who refuses to get back up. So chin up always. You should all be so proud of yourselves for having the courage to try, and you have enriched yourself with such an experience which will definitely be helpful in your future career.

Okay now regarding this picture – the entire reason I set up the blog was so people are more aware of, and have access to incredible opportunities. I am so thrilled today because this lovely girl who reached out to me cause she did not know how to prepare for the interview – of course through all her own hard work, got one of the most prestigious scholarships with Inner Temple! (Just to give you some perspective – usually 400 students apply for the scholarships at Inner, and they only award 5 Princess Royal Scholarships!)

Literally made my day 💗