Hey everyone! Hope you’re all enjoying your summer holidays – after a year of continuous hard work, it is extremely well deserved. However with that being said, I would still recommend making a bit of time to update your CV and cover letter – only because when you start your second/third year it would be easier and faster to apply for mini pupillages or pupillages if you have them ready.

These are a couple of things I would recommend before you make your CV and Cover letter:

  • Do not wing it. Do some research on templates and also on other students experiences – what they’ve learnt, the mistakes they made, and how to avoid them;
  • Make sure you are able to write a cover letter or keep a CV that can be tailored to the sets you wish to apply to;
  • Your CV should NOT be more than 2 pages.

In my opinion, target jobs provides fantastic templates on the drafting of cover letters and CVs (click on the link). It really helped me, and I hope it can help you too!