About This Blog

Hey everyone and welcome to my blog! What prompted me to set it up?

Well, I did the first two years of my Law degree at Taylor’s University Malaysia, and then transferred to Cardiff University in Wales for my final year. It was important to transfer and the experience in Cardiff was definitely rewarding, but I really struggled with trying to adjust to the new system – in terms of studying the course, as well as how the profession works generally. I constantly wished there was some guidance or insight in to it. As such, I decided that I would want to share whatever I have learnt (and whatever I will learn in the future) with the hope that it can in some way help those who are transferring, or those who are aspiring to become barristers. This is why I set up the blog, and this information will fall under the “Advice To Aspiring Barristers” tab on the menu.

Moreover, throughout law school, I thoroughly enjoyed analysing cases and expressing my opinions on them as well as the impact they may have on their respective areas of law. These opinions will fall under the “My Opinion on Cases” tab.

Additionally, I am set to begin the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) from BPP University, London this September and I decided to document my own personal journey to becoming a Barrister. This will fall under the “My Personal Journey” tab.

Lastly, I am a huge believer in sharing. I am currently working on polishing some of the some law notes that I made through out my time in law school. I will be uploading them over the next few months and these will fall under the “Law Notes” tab.

To all aspiring barristers – I genuinely hope this blog achieves the aim of making your life easier, and to all my friends who will be reading this blog – I hope you enjoy this journey with me!


*** As much as I will do my best to give the best advice on this blog, I will not be held liable for any reliance on what I say, and it is up to you to do further research on the information provided.

*** All views expressed are my own.

*** Unless stated otherwise, the images used on my blog posts are free stock images, and I do not own any of them.